The only place for classic multiplayer events

The spiritual successor to the now-defunct NeXtGenGTA, NDX Community continues to offer classic GTA events, led by some of the same people you used to watch years ago.

As always, our multiplayer events are open to all members. Want to talk to us, or join our next shenanigans? Join our Discord server at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to a continuous influx of confused fans joining our community to ask us questions about NeXtGenGTA, we thought it would be a good idea to answer most of them here and clear up some things! As always, you are very welcome to join our Discord and ask us anything!

Who are we?

We are a gaming community that was founded prior to but rose after NeXtGenGTA died in 2019. It is led by many of the same members you saw featured on the old videos from years ago!

You will find many familiar faces, such as Neaksy, Stinger, Randoom, GTAHQHD, garchompy, Slapukaz, TheFeltzer, H2O_Delilrious, WildFyre, Nebs, Lenichelle, lionek98, MauriceZockt, Daikenki and more.

What happened to NeXtGenGTA?

The YouTube “adpocalypse” screwed over a lot of creators like GTAmissions. Making videos could no longer secure his livelihood and as a result, he had much less time to entertain us all. NeXtGenGTA became inactive due to his growing absence.

NeXtGenGTA split apart in April 2019 due to leadership differences over the future of the community without BJ has a leader. Many moved over to NDX Community which is still prosperous to this day.

What happened to GTAmissions?

BJ is doing fine. He stepped away from his YouTube career and gaming to focus on his personal life and we all wish him well. We don’t know if he will ever make a return, so your guess is as good as ours.

Let’s not forget that he has been on YouTube making two to three videos per week for more than 12 years! We all need a break eventually.