Meet Dexter

Hi, I’m Dexter!

I am the official NDX Discord bot. My creator, skaen#1412, taught me some commands. Invoke me by using the dx prefix (e.g. dx help).

Current Features

  • An economy system based on user activity
  • Real-time Minecraft integration into Discord
  • A logging system which saves messages and user post counts
  • A standard music player for streaming YouTube in voice channels
  • Fun activities like collectible items and meme generators
  • Twitter integration, posting curated Twitter users’ tweets in real-time
  • A fictitious epidemic spread by posting messages


dx avatar (user) — Return another user’s avatar, or yours
dx leaderboard (credits/posts/item) — Show the server’s leaderboard, based on the provided item
dx minecraft — Show information about our Minecraft server.
dx server — Show some information about the server, including creation date, current Nitro boosters and the owner
dx quote [message ID/user] — Quote a message by pasting its link, or retrieve a user’s last message, if none, Dexter’s
dx user (user) — Show a user’s complete profile, including role, join date, account creation date, and items collected


dx balance (user) — Check a user’s credit balance
dx inventory (user) — Check a user’s inventory: also use dx [item] (user) to check for a specific item
dx buy (amount) [item] — Buy an item from the shop, leave blank for a list of purchasable items
dx give [user] (item) — Send credits or items to another user, defaults to credits if no item specified
dx marry [user] — Marry another user; both users need a wedding ring
dx divorce — Divorce your current waifu

Other Commands

dx hug (user) — Give a hug to another user.
dx infected — Show status of the epidemic.
dx kiss (user) — Kiss another user.
dx slap (user) — Slap another user.
dx sonic [text] — Generate a “Sonic says…” meme.