Meet Dexter

Hi, I’m Dexter!

Follow your favorite livestreamers, schedule events for your community, set up a custom economy, moderate your server easily, and more!

Meet the nicest Discord bot

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things Dexter does.

Live Minecraft integration

Interact between Minecraft and Discord in real-time, see where players are and who they are on Discord from within the Discord server.

Livestream notifications

Whether your favorite streamer is on Twitch, YouTube, DLive, Trovo or Bitwave, Dexter will notify a channel of your choice when they go live.

Red Dead compendium

Find any item on the map, get today’s Daily Challenges, the next Free Roam Event or even how long Cripps will take until your trader delivery is ready.

Gaming event system

Schedule an event and it will appear in a special channel, allowing anybody to sign up by reacting. You can also set a reminder to be pinged when it starts.

Economy system

Pick up collectibles and earn credits by being active on the server. You can then gamble your credits, buy other items or even participate in a lottery.

Support Dexter’s creator

Dexter is regularly updated. Time and effort goes into it, and Dexter is quite memory-hungry. Support the creator by pledging on Patreon!

Claim and edit tags

Claim your own tag and edit it to anything you want. Your how-to or your precious meme will be one command away.

Create a custom profile

Create your own gamercard and fill in your timezone, a short bio or your gamertags so other members can easily find you.

Make meme magic real

Dexter has many tools to edit and enhance existing images or make memes from various formats available.