Meet Dexter

Hi, I’m Dexter!

I am the official NDX Community Discord bot. My creator, skonky#1412, taught me some commands. Invoke me by using the d prefix (e.g. d help). Yee-haw!

What features does Dexter have?

  • An economy system based on user activity
  • Real-time Minecraft integration into Discord
  • A logging system which saves messages and user post counts
  • A standard music player for streaming YouTube in voice channels
  • Fun activities like collectible items and meme generators
  • Twitter integration, posting curated Twitter users’ tweets in real-time
  • A fictitious epidemic spread by posting messages
  • Red Dead Online compendium integration into Discord



As all bots should, Dexter provides some basic features that sometimes come in handy.

d avatar (member)

Return another user’s avatar or yours.

Bible quotes

References to the Bible in a message will automatically quote the corresponding verse. Yes sir, we are a Christian Minecraft server!

d leaderboard (item)

Use this command to retrieve the server’s leaderboard, by item, credits or posts.

d user (member)

Show a user’s complete profile, including their role, amount of posts on the server, join date, account creation date, and collectibles in their inventory.

d quote (message ID or member)

Make Dexter quote a message by entering its link, or retrieve a member’s last message by typing their nickname.

d Spotify (member)

Use this command to display what you or another member is currently listening to on Spotify.


Our server has a relatively simple economy system based on credits. When Dexter is not broke, he gives you 1 CR for every post that you make, except in spam channels. Various things can be done with credits like buying items or gambling.

d coin (guess) (credits)

Use this command to flip a coin. You may specify a guess (heads or tails). If an amount of credits is also specified, you will bet that amount and win or lose credits depending on your guess and the results. Bet carefully!

d give [member] (amount) [item]

Give credits or items to other users. If an item other than credits is being donated and an amount is not specified, the default amount is 1. If an item is not specified, it will donate credits to the specified user.

d daily (member)

You are entitled to a daily paycheck. If another member is specified, your daily will be donated to that member. You can only request your daily once every 8 hours.

d divorce

Divorce the person with whom you are married. You will not gain anything back.

d marry [member]

Use this command to marry another server member. A ceremony dialog will be triggered and both users will need to respond to Dexter’s vows. Both users require a wedding ring — 465 CR each.


To entertain the community, a few minigames exist. Such events can happen periodically or manually on a staff member’s request.


Every now and then, a banana event is triggered in our main channel, #general. Simply put, the first person to type in ‘banana’ wins one.

d lottery (jackpot)

Manually triggered by staff members, bet on a number from 0 to 69 buy simply posting the number when the event is active. There is a 50 CR fee for each bet — you can bet more than once! Check the current jackpot with d jackpot.


There is a fictitious epidemic on the server, which you may catch by posting a message after an infected member. Your role color will change and the only cure is to post enough for it to go away.

d infected

Find out some useful information about the epidemic.

Other Commands

dx hug (user) — Give a hug to another user.
dx kiss (user) — Kiss another user.
dx slap (user) — Slap another user.
dx sonic [text] — Generate a “Sonic says…” meme.
dx server — Show some information about the server, including creation date, current Nitro boosters and the owner
dx balance (user) — Check a user’s credit balance
dx inventory (user) — Check a user’s inventory: also use dx [item] (user) to check for a specific item
dx buy (amount) [item] — Buy an item from the shop, leave blank for a list of purchasable items


d Minecraft

Displays some information about the NDX Community Minecraft server, such as the IP and Dynmap addresses, the server version and the player count.

d Newswire (game)

Shows the latest Rockstar Newswire article. Write in a Rockstar Games title — e.g. Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2 — for the latest news for that game.

Those who play Red Dead Online will find these commands helpful. Retrieve today’s Daily Challenges, get the upcoming Free Roam event, find Madam Nazar or any collectible and animal, and more with the commands below.

d dailies (role)

Use this command to get today’s full list of Daily Challenges. You may also type in a specific role to only get the challenges for that role.

d event (search)

Get information about the next Free Roam event and when they occur in the day. Additionally, you can search for a specific event or a type (‘PVP’ or ‘PVE’), useful for completing Daily Challenges that require player kills in Free Roam Events. A Red Dead-styled toast image will also be generated which may be helpful for linking elsewhere.

d find [search]

Find the location of any animal, plant, fish, collectible, treasure, random encounter and more with this command. Automatically, collectibles are displayed based on the current cycle.

  • Collectibles
  • Animals
  • Treasure Maps
  • Madam Nazar
  • Random Encounters
  • Catalogue Items
  • Plants

d goods [value]

Calculate how long it will take for Cripps to complete production of your goods, based on your current value. By default, it will assume you have a large wagon (100 goods).

d Nazar

Find where Madam Nazar can be found today.

d weekly

Get today’s weekly collection for Madam Nazar. You can use the find command to find the items listed.

Something missing?

If you have any suggestions to improve or fix Dexter, you are welcome to post them in our #suggestions channel. Thank you!